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Surge Protection Woodbridge

Whole-home surge protectors extend the lifespan of your electrical devices and appliances. They prevent damage from occurring to your electrical items and can even lower your HVAC insurance due to increased protection.

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Prepare Your Home’s Electrical System for Power Surges

Whole-home surge protection gives you peace of mind, knowing your home is safe and protected in the event of power surges. Whether a direct lightning strike or the devices in your home caused a surge, you can rest easy knowing you won’t have to face any damage.

Our licensed electricians can help you prepare your home for potential power surges. Call us today!

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Our Electrical Services

Whole-Home Surge Protection

Most surge protection options have been coming from power strips and little devices we hide behind the entertainment center, but what about those devices not always plugged into surge protectors? Some of your most expensive appliances like your refrigerator, stove, microwave, and other small appliances aren’t typically on those devices and might be exposed to power surges. But there’s a simple solution… A whole home surge protecto

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Trusted Surge Protection in Woodbridge, NJ, and Beyond!

Protect your investment in your home with Whole-House Surge Protection. A Whole-House Surge Protection unit is installed at the electrical panel and will continually regulate the amount of power coming through your electrical panel.

Whole-House Surge Protection Protects All of Your Home Systems and Components Including:

  • Audio & visual systems HVAC systems
  • Computer systems kitchen appliances
  • Cable & data garage/shop equipment
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Electrical Service You Can Trust

At New Jersey Pipe Doctor, we are your trusted electrical experts. Call our electricians in Woodbridge, NJ now, and our team will quickly come to your assistance, ensuring you find the electrical solutions you need ASAP.

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