DIY vs Professional Woodbridge AC Maintenance: Which Should You Choose?

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NJ Pipe Dr team standing in front of vans for HVAC and plumbing services in Woodbridge, NJ

When it comes to keeping your Woodbridge air conditioning running efficiently and reliably, regular maintenance is key. It helps your unit pump out cool air on demand, stays ahead of repairs, and can extend your system’s lifespan. But when you’re handy and are interested in saving a little money, should you DIY your Woodbridge AC maintenance or hire a professional? 

Here’s our expert opinion on how to handle yourself and when to call the pros at NJ Pipe Dr:

When to Choose DIY AC Maintenance

There are times when it’s appropriate to choose the DIY approach to AC maintenance. Here’s when to skip the professional AC service in Woodbridge:

Your AC Filters Are Dirty

If you haven’t changed out your AC filters in one to three months, it’s time for a replacement. Dirty and clogged filters can cause your AC to work overtime and lose its efficiency. You may also notice poor air quality and warm air blowing into your home. Fortunately, AC filters are easy to swap out on your own. Make sure you get the correct size from your local hardware store and double check that you know how they fit into your AC. 

If you’re not sure how to do it, call us for a regular AC maintenance visit. We can walk you through the process, then move on to testing, cleaning up, and looking over your system.

There’s Debris Around Your Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit for your AC holds the condenser unit and is vital for removing the heat from the air inside your home and releasing it outside. But because it’s outside, it’s not unusual to find debris, leaves, and obstructions around it. Mark a date on your calendar to periodically clear away the mess. 

You can also remove the outside panel with a screwdriver and hose down the unit to keep it working at its best. Committing to a good maintenance plan also helps delay your air conditioning replacement in Woodbridge.

Your Thermostat Is Acting Strangely

Is something wrong with your thermostat? We can take a look whenever you need to, but this is a job you can do yourself. Reset your thermostat, change out the batteries if applicable and double-check your settings. Chances are the problem is an easy fix that can get your cooling back on track quickly and without a service call.

When to Call a Professional for Your Woodbridge AC Maintenance

Now that we’ve gone over some of the ways you can DIY your system, there are times when you should absolutely call in a professional.

You Have a Complicated Problem

Air conditioners and HVAC systems have many moving pieces and parts. There’s often more than one problem going on at a time with your AC that needs professional intervention. The AC experts at NJ Pipe Dr. have spent years honing their craft, earning certifications, and gaining practical, hands-on experience. We can tackle the most complicated problems you can throw at us and schedule an AC repair in Woodbridge

Your AC or HVAC is Under Warranty

Is your AC or HVAC still under warranty? If so, it’s wise to stick to professional maintenance. Many warranties forbid homeowners and business owners from handling complex maintenance or repairs themselves. You could end up voiding the warranty, leaving yourself vulnerable to expensive repairs down the road that would have been covered otherwise.

You Run a Business

As a small business, we understand that budgeting and operations are always at the forefront of your mind. But unless AC maintenance and repairs are your zone of genius, you should leave it to the experts. You’ll have more time to focus on running your business and keeping customers happy. We also know better than anyone that no one likes sitting around in a hot office. Failing to properly maintain or fix your AC could ultimately cost you customers in the long run and lead to a premature AC installation in Woodbridge.

Call the Experts at NJ Pipe Dr. for AC Maintenance

Does your air conditioner need maintenance and a professional service call? Get in touch today! The team at NJ Pipe Dr. works with all types of AC systems, including central air, HVAC, and more. We also offer Woodbridge commercial HVAC services. Don’t compromise the quality and integrity of your AC. Schedule your maintenance appointment today!

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