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Stay Cool with AC Repair in Woodbridge, New Jersey & Surrounding Areas

The last thing you want is for your New Jersey air conditioning unit to break down in the middle of the summer. Even if your AC is still running but fails to operate at its peak performance, you’re throwing away money on your electrical bill and not getting as comfortable as you should be. It’s wise to call quality HVAC contractors NJ counts on.

At NJ Pipe Doctor, our reliable and experienced Woodbridge AC repair experts will get your system working again. Call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in the event of any emergency and learn why we’re the HVAC contractors , Middlesex County, NJ depends on.

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How Your Central Air Conditioner in New Jersey Works

Your air conditioner kicks on once the indoor temperature set on the thermostat is reached. When it’s time to perform routine maintenance, make air conditioning repairs in Woodbridge, NJ, or replace your system altogether, it helps to know how your AC system works in the first place.

  • First, the refrigerant flows through a closed system of refrigeration lines between your indoor and outside unit.
  • Warm air from the inside of your house is then pulled into your ductwork by a motorized fan.
  • Next, refrigerant is pumped from the exterior compressor coil to the interior evaporator coil, where it absorbs the heat from the air.
  • The cooled air is pushed through the ducts to your vents throughout the home, thus lowering the temperature.
  • This cycle continues, consistently keeping you cool.
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Benefits of Central Air Conditioning in New Jersey

  • Central air conditioning helps keep your home cool and reduces humidity levels during the hottest months of the year.
  • As your central AC draws air out of the rooms in your house, it is pulled through an air filter, removing airborne particles such as dust and lint. The filtered air is then routed to the ductwork that carries it back to the rooms.
  • Because the compressor-bearing unit is located outside the home, the indoor noise level from its operation is much lower than that of a free-standing or window air conditioning unit. If you’d like to benefit from central air, get in touch with NJ Pipe Doctor, the professional HVAC contractors in Woodbridge, NJ.
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Air Conditioning Repair in New Jersey

If your air conditioner is blowing warm air, contact NJ Pipe Doctor, the experts in Woodbridge air conditioning services. We’ll determine the problem and efficiently repair it. Some common reasons your AC may be blowing warm air include:

  • Clogged or dirty air filters
  • Frozen air conditioning unit
  • Wrong setting on your thermostat
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There are many reasons that air conditioners freeze, such as:

  • Dirty air filters
  • Dirty evaporator coils
  • Refrigerant leak

To keep your AC unit from freezing, it is recommended that you

  • Check the coolant levels regularly.
  • Clean or change your air filter regularly
  • Clean the evaporator coils regularly.
  • Schedule professional AC maintenance in Woodbridge from NJ Pipe Doctor.

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